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We expertly fix all Huawei Phones, the P9 is definitely worth a screen replacement as it is a $600 phone and the repair is $139.00.  When we do the screen if your phone is over 18 months old on this model we recommend that while we have it open we replace the battery as well.  This is only an additional $35.00.  Huawei have recently released there P20 phone which retails for $1099.00 if you are unlucky enough to break your screen on your new phone, we can also replace this for you.

Huawei is a Chinese brand that is becoming more popular worldwide and I have actually read that they are outselling the iPhones.  With the iPhone X retailing at $1900 it is no wonder people are opting for the cheaper and just as good P20.  The glass backs on the iPhone 8 and X are definitely a problem being labour intensive to fix, but essential for wireless charging.  Apple use a very strong glue to glue the glass backs on unlike Samsung who use an easily removable double sided tape on there glass backs on the edge versions, and the S8 and S9.  A glass back for a Samsung still will set you back $90, so if you are considering a phone with a glass back best if you hang out at the space station and not on our gravity affected earth haha.

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