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Water Damage Repairs Wollongong

Professional Water Damage Repairs Wollongong

Has your device got wet? Don’t worry, the team at Dropped it can help. Some people believe that putting your phone inside a bag of rice will repair the device from water damage, but unfortunately this is not entirely true.

Rice will draw out some liquid from the external part of the device however will not remove liquid of the chemicals within the liquid from the motherboard and other internal components of the device.

Leaving liquid within the device will slowly corrode the internal delicate parts; this corrosion will start within 24 hours however sometimes the symptoms will not show for a week or even a month. Every day you leave liquid within your phone the chances of overall phone & tablet repair become less.

Here’s how our technicians can save your phone.

  • Removal of the motherboard for complete inspection of the device for corrosion and damaged components.
  • Comprehensive chemical clean of the entire motherboard with high precision detailed clean of any corroded parts or IC chips.
  • Remove all corrosion and treat the motherboard to prevent any further corrosion.
  • The motherboard is then left to air out for 24 hours.
  • Inspect all small parts, clean, fix or replace any small parts necessary (included in fixed cost).
  • Re-assemble the device and comprehensively test all elements of the phone.

This procedure may take up to a week to complete depending how water damaged the device is.

Water Damaged Device Repair Services Wollongong